John Miller

John Miller

Hi there, John Miller here . . . . on the road to visit my mother & family members in Florida. My first thought was that my fitness program might take a "back seat" while traveling, but that is not the case. While driving to Florida, I stopped to fill up with gasoline, and right next to the local Wal-Mart, guess what I spotted: an Anytime Fitness facility in Longview Texas! I went in, and completed a full workout. Perfect way to stretch and exercise, after driving for six hours! . . . even took a shower, was refreshed and felt great!

Here in Tallahassee Florida now, I discovered that there are two Anytime Fitness facilities, right near my mother's home! My nephew will join me at the local Anytime Fitness center.

Also, my brother-in-law is in intensive training for the Boston Marathon, coming up in April.

Last night, we ran together. I ran the first few miles with him, then he continued for another 8 miles! It is great physical fitness for me, even though I am certainly not ready to run a marathon yet. So, even while traveling, and visiting other places, its still easy to maintain fitness, with the thousands of available Anytime Fitness centers.

Perhaps, the name should be Anytime ANYWHERE Fitness! I will definitely continue with my fitness program here in Florida. Well, 'til next time, stay fit, my friends!

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