Pamela Maldonado

Pamela Maldonado

I have officially started working out. I even started running!!! I tried telling Tim, "I don't run." I gave him every excuse in the book, and he made me do it anyway. I have not run since high school, and I hated it. I ran ten minutes straight, I am so proud of myself.

I have been doing circuits, which means constant repetitions with little or no rest between sets. I work out my whole body three times a week. I have felt muscles I have never felt before. Moreover, I am hurting really bad. Ibuprofen, rest, episom salt baths are my best friend these days. I feel good even though I hurt every time I move.

I am told that this should go away as I get stronger. I have lost two pounds in one week, hopefully it will be more. I am excited, even if I am tired. The diet surprisingly enough has not been hard. Tim even said I was not eating enough, although he means healthy foods.

I even get to have one cheat meal a week, and can have a glass of wine with dinner!!! I think I am doing better than expected eating six even caloric meals a day. My blood sugar is even so I am not as hungry, and less likely to cheat. Well, that is all for this week.

Till we blog again.

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