Catherine Reynolds – Week 17

Juggling the demands of being a mom, a student, and moving has been a difficult challenge this week. I was developing a relatively consistent routine to my weeks but began finding it a struggle to fit everything in.

I have had to become a little creative when it comes to working out. For example, today, with tests at school, community service requirements, a change in my husband’s work schedule and an extreme shortage in daycare hours, I was not able to do my normal routine of leaving school and heading straight to the gym. So instead, I took the girls to the park (which requires a walk up a very large hill!) But it didn’t stop there. We played “Princesses” and I was assigned the role of the evil queen. For about half an hour, I chased the girls all over the playground, running up and down the stairs, slides, and tunnels. I found myself huffing and puffing at times, breaking a sweat. I didn’t mind one bit though when I heard their little squeals as I caught them.

On the walk home, the girls talked about how they want to play again. They said they had such a good time running around and that I made the perfect evil queen.

Thing I learned this week: It is important to be flexible and to make your fitness routine work for you. You don’t have to be on the treadmill to burn calories. Sometimes being evil works just as well!

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