Catherine Reynolds

Catherine Reynolds

Week 10

 Well, it’s official. I have hit my first major kink in the road.

On Tuesday, I went into the gym with the goal of running 4 miles. Everything was going fine until, all of a sudden, I started stumbling on my left leg. I immediately slowed to a walk to regain my balance and then upped the speed again, only to have the same results. After about five minutes of trying this I limped off the treadmill and on to the bike, only to be unsuccessful at that too.

Wednesday became a rest/rehabilitation day with the hopes that I would be back to normal come Thursday. Instead, the pain in my knee only got worse. I set up an appointment with my doctor on Thursday to see what her prognosis was.

I have a suspected torn meniscus in my left knee. I have difficulty bearing weight on it and it is extremely tender to the touch along the inner joint line. For now, we are going to try anti-inflammatories, ice, wraps, and rest. No exercise for a week while we determine if it will heal on its own. If it still hurts next week, we will schedule an MRI and go from there. Surgery, rehab, and injections are all possibilities.

So for now, I am on a little break. I still plan to do upper body work with my trainer (who is also on crutches!). I am mainly fearful of being able to stick with my diet as dieting is always harder when you are not physically active.

Thing I learned this week: 1) Listen to your body!




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