Erin Brittain

Erin Brittain

Another week of working out. It is about 6 weeks into this fitness journey, and I am down 21 pounds! I am very encouraged by that, and have not lost over 20 pounds (and kept it off) before. I have tried healthy eating plans before and this is about the time I give up because it is so hard, and my old habits kick in.

I am not about to quit this time! I am feeling confident that because I have this opportunity of the challenge and the accountability of a trainer, (and many friends asking how it is going) I can do this. I can make it a lifestyle change over the course of the year.

I am starting to feel the benefits of healthy eating: a lot less headaches, less stomach issues, more energy...Don't get me wrong, a big, juicy cheeseburger sounds really good right now! But, it is getting easier to say "no" to unhealthy foods and sweets. I too am doing things in the gym I never thought possible.

I join a few other participants in the new-found acitivity of jogging (interval) which I have not done in 20 years! I am excited to see my body shape changing, ever so slowly! I am getting used to barely being able to walk for a few days each week! I am very blessed to have this opportunity and cannot wait to see the positive changes the next few months will bring.


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