Sara Summers

Sara Summers

Hello blogger readers and fellow dieters!

Well I weighed myself and only down 2 more pounds and it feel satisfying although I did aim for 4lbs but hey a loss is a loss. I have been going to my gym Anytime Fitness on tangerine Crossing and huffing and puffing away on the various equipment that is available. Still seeing the oh so dashing personal trainer Tim as he discovers new ways to make me sweat into my eyes and muscles to burn. Best trainer ever and really supportive even though I curse his name and whip my gross sweat at him when I can. I have been making strides with my diet cutting out soda however juice is a harder vice to give up :/ however I know there are alternatives out there but some scary ingredients in those, perhaps just stick with water. Till next time

Wishing you dedication and pushing that one more minute or set!

Sara Summers

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Chef Kathy

Good For you on your challenge!! I am a licensed Personal Chef and let me tell you..I have let myself go. I currently developed a plan for cooking healthy meals, recipes etc. Let me know if I can be of assistance in reaching your goal.
Chef Kathy

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