The results of my knee MRI came back on Monday, thus leading to a new quest in my exercise adventure. It turns out that I have bone contusions that result in the pain I’m feeling in both knees. Basically, when I run or do anything high impact, my femur and tibia are coming into contact, resulting in bruising of the bones. These bruises take a much longer time to heal than traditional skin bruises but basically function in the same way. Blood pools and collects at the point of impact and until the surrounding tissues are healed, you have some tenderness and pain. Unfortunately though, bone contusions are sometimes considered the step before fracture and, being such, require a longer healing time, potentially months.

The doctor’s advice, of course, includes a decent amount of rest. Problem is, I only have one year with my trainer and want to get as much out of this experience as I can! So, to maximize the opportunity and still work toward healing, I am searching for a new “passion-to-be.” Running was becoming just that but it just will not fit the bill any longer.

My first attempt, albeit a little foolish, was a spin class. My knee felt fine. Slight pain, but no major concerns except that spin is no joke. Seriously. Really hard. May need to work up to that a little more.

So back to the elliptical and recumbent bike I turn. I am hoping though to really focus the majority of my energy on things that do not use my legs at all. I will continue my upper body workouts and perhaps throw in some Pilates. Maybe I will discover something that I enjoy even more than running!

Things I learned this week: 1) Spin is ridiculous but fantastic all at the same time. It is definitely a goal to work toward. 2) When one door closes, another one opens!

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