Erin Brittain

Another week of soreness. I cannot believe we are approaching 6 months into this fitness challenge. It has gone by so fast! I used to always want to set a year long goal of weight loss and eating healthy. But, a year always seemed too long, and I could never do it for more than a few months at a time. Then I would gain the weight back and add a little more. This time around, a year seems a little too short! The accountability involved in this challenge has been huge for me.

I could not have been successful without it. I do not want to step on the scale weekly in front of Zach and see it go up. I do not want to tell him that I ate poorly that week. I do not want to make an excuse of why I could not get in the gym that week. My husband and my kids say often, "Mom, remember you can't eat that!", or "Honey are you going to go into the gym today?" With all that accountability for the last 5 1/2 months, I am beginning to own it for myself. I am beginning to want to eat healthy, get strong, and exercise for me. I like how my body is feeling and beginning to look. I like how my risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes is decreasing by the day.

I like looking up new healthy recipes, and trying new fruits and vegetables. I am so thankful to have more energy and to not be afraid to try new things physically. At almost half way through, I am almost half way to my weight loss goal, and looking forward to another 6 months of this challenge!

Erin Brittain

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