Catherine Reynolds - Anytime Fitness Oro Valley

Catherine Reynolds works out with the help of trainer Steve Dooley at the Oro Valley Anytime Fitness gym.

Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

I’ve really been trying hard this week in the gym and at home with my diet. I feel like I’m doing things right and have been looking forward to seeing positive (meaning negative!) changes in the scale. But, that’s not how it is working out, as I am seeing numbers go up a little.

As frustrating as that is, it’s ok. My motivation this week has been a little bit different. When I feel frustrated, I think back to where I have come from and the tremendous changes I have made since starting. And from there, I get an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and gratitude to those who gave me this opportunity.

I am doing this challenge for me and for my family. But, I am also doing this for the family and staff at Anytime Fitness. The Urbanski family has gone out of their way to give me the opportunity to change my life and have been nothing but positive and supportive from the get-go. Even in my moments of self-pity, they have been there to help me regain focus and remind me that they are proud of the progress I’ve made. I also thank Steve, my trainer, for his patience and persistence with me. I can be a bit of a pain sometimes (unthinkable!) but yet he still gives me a chance.

Thing I learned this week: Gratitude can be a great motivator.

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