Catherine Reynolds

Catherine Reynolds


Catherine Reynolds - Week 6

I'm starting to remember the hard part of this weight-loss, working out, dieting thing. Time. It seems that within 24 hours, I would have plenty of time to get everything done. But no, it never seems to be that easy.

Last week, I returned to school for my last semester of the Respiratory Therapy program at Pima Community College. With this includes two hospital shifts, one lab, and two class days per week, plus additional study time and exam prep. Add on top of that being a wife and mother to two young girls and you have a recipe for time-disaster! I find myself struggling between working out and feeling guilty that my children are spending another hour at the daycare center.

There are many days where I wake up at 4:30 to fit my workout in. It is incredibly tough to hear the alarm go off that early when what you are going to get out of it is sweat and the potential for soreness. But I am reminded that I have my trainer waiting for me, which motivates me to at least brush my teeth. (You're welcome, Steve!) That is not something everyone can say. I truly appreciate his presence on these early mornings.

I really think that if it were not for Steve and the commitment that I made as a participant of this Challenge, this would be about the time I gave into convenience. It's less guilt-inducing to pick up the girls, costs less than daycare to watch them myself, easier not to wake up before the sun. But, would I have the energy to really spend time with them, be there for my family, and generally feel better about myself? The answer is no.

What I've learned this week: 1) Be thankful for the opportunity I've been given.

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