Erin Brittain

Erin Brittain

Well, it's decathlon time. I am ready to go in and have some fun with other members of Anytime Fitness. My goal is to go in and push myself harder than I ever have. It will be so fun to see how far I have come in 7 months. When I started this journey, I could not even do one pushup, couldn't do a real, full sit up, and running for a couple minutes was enough to have me gasping for air and thinking I might die! With Zach pushing me, I have come farther than I ever thought possible. (And I still have over 4 months to go!) I am feeling great, with lots of energy and the best part is that my husband is really enjoying how I look and feel. Recently he said, "You have too much energy!" Never would I have thought that phrase would ever be said about me. If I (a sugar/carb lover, no energy, 100 lbs overweight, never have time to exercise...) can do this, so can you!


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