For those who have too much children’s stuff lying around or for those who are looking to prepare their house for children, the Just Between Friends (JBF) event should be added to the to-do list.

What started in Tucson in 2008 with 41 sellers has now grown to more than 200 sellers and continues to grow each day.

The concept is simple – if you have clothes or gear for a child from infant to teenagers that you are looking to sell, sign up to sell them through JBF. If you would like to purchase supplies, JBF is the place to get these items for a fraction of their retail prices.

Oro Valley resident Shawna Wilfert and her father Danny Hansen purchased a franchise in Texas in 2007 and in 2008 the duo purchased another one in Tucson.

“Anybody can come shop at JBF, so you could always just come as a shopper and buy stuff for that next phase of life or what not,” Wilfert said.

For those wishing to sell items (consigners), Wilfert says a participant can throw a garage sale, where people are looking for anything and everything, or you could simply sell the items one by one on the Internet. But what she suggests is selling them at the JBF event.

Consigners earn 65 percent of the sale price or 70 percent if they volunteer at the event.

To sell an item, there is a free online tagging and labeling system. A consigner enters a price they wish to sell the item for along with a description.

Two days before the event, the items are dropped off, inspected for recalled items or ripped, torn or otherwise damaged parts and then placed into different sections.

This year’s JBF event will take place at the Tucson Convention Center July 25 – 27. On July 25, the cost for admission is $2 and free on the July 26 and July 27. On Saturday, July 27, the items are half-priced. Wilfert noted that they offer free admissions through the JBF’s Facebook page and also will pay for attendees’ parking.

If the items don’t sell, the consigners have the opportunity to pick their items up, or they are donated to the Tucson Gospel Rescue Mission.

Items at the JBF’s back-to-school event include clothes for children and maternity clothes, baby gear including Pack N’ Plays, cribs, car seats, toys and jumpers. Hot-ticket items also include running and walking strollers, baby carriers, and high chairs.

For more information or to register, visit or on their Tucson Facebook page at

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