OV Dollars Card Design

This Friday and Saturday, the first 500 people to pick up their race packets for the Arizona Distance Classic will receive $10 in OV Dollars.

The incentive for visitors from all around the world to shop in Oro Valley is sponsored by M3S Sports, the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce, Visit Tucson, as well as the Town of Oro Valley. The OV Dollars will be given out at All About Running and Walking as a staff member from the chamber of commerce will be there to educate people on how they can use the money.

“Here we are going to have over 2,000 participants from around the world staying in Oro Valley, staying in our hotels, so why not give them an incentive to ensure that they are spending their dollars here in Oro Valley,” said Amanda Jacobs, the economic development manager for the town.

David Babner, who is the race director for the Arizona Distance Classic, says there is a great partnership that has been established between M3S Sports and the Town of Oro Valley, the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visit Tucson.

He feels this is a fantastic way to celebrate their partnerships.

“One of the cool things about this race is 20 percent of our field is from outside the state of Arizona,” Babner said. “So we want those folks to come and enjoy all of the different restaurants and different things that the Oro Valley merchants have to offer.”

Dave Perry, who is the president and CEO of the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce, was glad to help out when the town and Babner came to him looking for support.

“When you have hundreds and hundreds of people coming to the community, it’s an opportunity for businesses to get them in the door, sell meals or sport needs, or trinkets or whatever it might be,” Perry said. “It is a great opportunity for businesses to access the field and I think that the dollars are an incentive to get them in.”

Jacobs understands the importance to make sure visitors spend their time and money while spending their time in Oro Valley. OV Dollars are much like a regular gift card, but instead of being able to use it at one retailer, shoppers can swipe their card at any of the participating businesses in Oro Valley.

“I think it is another great way to make sure that these visitors are spending dollars here with local businesses and that there is no sales tax leakage to nearby communities,” Jacobs said.

This is the 10th year the Arizona Distance Classic has taken place.

“We can’t put on an event like we do in Oro Valley without the tremendous support of the town, as well as all of the members of the chamber of commerce,” Babner said. “This seems like a great way to continue this as a true community event.”

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