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Businessman, former attorney to initiate 2014 ballot measure on gay marriage

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  • John Flanagan posted at 9:30 am on Tue, Jun 18, 2013.

    John Flanagan Posts: 380

    The fact remains, contrary to the prevailing immorality of our day, that so called marriage between two men or two women is a deviant and unnatural arrangement. It is abnormal for any society to legitimize homosexual marriage and consider it equal to traditional marriage which rightly should be limited to one man and one woman.
    Homosexuality has become affirmed in the minds of many these days because the social fabric has been not only torn but shredded by 40 years of progressive teaching and liberalism. Many couples today no longer marry at all, preferring instead to cohabitate. With promiscuity and multiple hook ups the preferred manner of life, it is not surprising to see an increase in homosexuality and a tolerance for all types of degenerate behavior as we move into 21st century America.
    However, the situation of moral decline in our country has increased liberal fascism and intolerance to manifold proportions. Those opposed to gay marriage on moral grounds and based on conscience and religious conviction are held in contempt by those promoting this lifestyle, and the fascist tactics include the desire to silence opposition. It is happening, but not widely covered by the mainstream media, that political correctness and suppression of views contrary to homosexuality are firmly taking hold in the military, academia, entertainment, and in social media. Suppression of religious free speech opposed to gay marriage, abortion, and other issues are evident.
    As an old white man with more years behind me than in front of me, I no longer feel much pride in the country I grew up in. As a former US Marine, we did not have to deal with the issue of homosexuals in the barracks, and discharging them from the military was the best solution to retain order and discipline.
    Now those Marines in this immoral generation must deal with a debased and politically correct leadership, and Christian servicemen and women must deal with a Defense Dept basically unfriendly and even hostile to Christian values.
    As for me, I shall hold onto my Christian faith and convictions, my memories of a land which once did not disdain morals and character, and live out my life in the knowledge that the country I loved is now as bad as the pagan and degenerated civilizations of history.


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