The Body Works Pilates™ is a priceless environment for change. BWP meets all expectations of their premier Pilates education reputation; the environment is clean, the equipment is in superior condition, and the instructors are impeccably trained. However BWP’s most noteworthy characteristic is their mastery of what Change Theorists consider the Rosetta Stone of personal transformation, the ability to develop dynamic supportive relationships with their clients.

I am deeply grateful for and appreciative of these superior instructors, through their unwavering belief in my success I have learned to be at home in my own body. I relate to and with myself in ways I would never have anticipated. Thank you with all of my heart.

-- Susan Swan

I want to express how absolutely wonderful Bodyworks is. The instructors and so many others have delivered me back to health. Also, Brad is always so service oriented and friendly. This studio is world class...thank you.

-- Elizabeth Maish

It is apparent to those of us who practice Fletcher Pilates® that it is entirely possible to completely transform our bodies. What we may not realize is how massage therapy can enhance and increase our movement experience. The massage therapists and movement teachers at Body Works Pilates™ have the knowledge to design the optimal program for you. I have experienced this first-hand and it has been of tremendous value to me.

-- Naomi Glazer

Body Works Pilates™ will prove to you that your body, mind, and spirit are not stuck. The sense of care, thoroughness and expertise of every staff member is always fully engaged. They have guided me to a level of flexibility that I have not ever experienced. And I’m always eager to return even with my busy schedule.

-- Rosey Koberlain, President & CEO Long Realty Companies

Each of the movement-based fitness and conditioning methods offered at Body Works Pilates™ are transforming my balance, core strength, flexibility, posture, movement awareness, mental focus, and stamina - all essential to improving my golf swing and enjoyment of the game.

-- Jim Altenstadter

The group dynamic established and nurtured in the Body Works group classes is brilliant. Once a group of people become regulars, they advance together. It happens in all the classes. And we improve both because of our mutual support and caring for one another as well as the consistency and skill of the instructors. It is quite remarkable.

-- Lorraine Grover

I started coming to group classes at Body Works Pilates™ and they have changed my life. Every single person has shown me kindness. Classmates have taught me that everyone is different and I find myself with a sense of self-acceptance rather than comparison.

-- Christina Rossetti

I have been a client of Body Works Pilates™ since 1993. With the help of the very professional and knowledgeable staff, I have been able to maintain a level of strength and flexibility that allows me to remain active and participate in the sports activities that make my life enjoyable.

-- Tom Iacono

The Teacher Training Program at Body Works Pilates™ has enhanced my modern dance teaching techniques immensely.

-- Susie Pearce

We look forward to coming to class and appreciate the beautiful environment and the small class size at Body Works.

-- Jane Gittings & Francois Robert

I’ve done enough bodywork over the years to know what’s good, so when I went to Body Works Pilates™, it was a big discovery. I walk out of there feeling tremendous. It exercises you from the top of your head all the way to ends of your fingers, and it gets you into fantastic shape.

-- Tom Healey

Body Works has great teachers and the most exciting variety of classes found in Arizona.

-- Rebecca Gorrell, Movement Therapist, Canyon Ranch Health Resort

I have great pride in the progress I’ve made at Body Works Pilates™, both in terms of my physical and mental well being.

-- Gail Topolinski

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