Chad Campbell
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In a statement released today, State Rep. Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix, said he is "strongly considering" running for Governor in 2014.

"I’ve spent my entire life in Arizona working in communities large and small across the state in the private, non-profit and public sectors," wrote Campbell. "I’m proud to call it my home. I believe we can have an incredible future ahead of us.

Many of you have asked if I am going to run for Governor in 2014, and I wanted to let you know I am strongly considering it.

I love my native state, and was raised to believe that if you aren’t happy about a situation then you better do something about it. Simply complaining was never the answer. That’s why I ran for office in the first place - to make a difference for my community.

The past seven years in the legislature, I have worked on pragmatic, common sense policy focused on job creation, education and public safety in order to move Arizona forward. And no matter what the future holds, I can assure you those priorities will never change.

During my time in the legislature, I have become more and more troubled with the direction our current leaders are taking Arizona. It seems many are intent on placing ideological battles ahead of Arizonans that live, work and play here.

The current leadership has for far too long ignored our schools and jeopardized the opportunity for our kids to have a quality education. Most recently, they have ignored the issues of our children’s safety in schools.

They continue to handout taxpayer dollars to special interests including large, out-of-state corporations rather than leveling the playing field for Arizona small businesses and families.

I know those are the wrong priorities for Arizona. Over the next few months I want to hear from you about what direction you want to take Arizona. It’s time we put together a plan for Arizona by Arizonans – a plan that is not beholden to ideology, Washington D.C. insiders, high paid lobbyists, or special interest groups.

Please follow me on Facebook, on Twitter at @repcampbell, visit my website or email me directly to share your thoughts and ideas about how we can create a better Arizona together."


Chad Campbell

Minority Leader, Arizona House of Representatives

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