Classic Comic Cover Corner – Weird Science #14

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Weird Science #14 – Sept./Oct. 1950

The current socio-political conditions in Syria are certainly not to be taken lightly, but as the drums of war are once again being beaten and with the world at large facing potential dire circumstances, whether the United States takes action or not, the situation harkens back to the Cold War era and this week’s classic comic cover, Weird Science #14 by EC Comics.

In 1950 the Cold War was just getting revved up and EC Comics was already on top of covering the potential end-game result that the thermonuclear weapon snowball-effect would have on our planet. The Weird Science #14 cover, by legendary artist/writer Al Feldstein, depicts some very cool robots exploring our devastated planet, and the reason the Earth is in ruin is revealed in the newspaper headline in the lower-right corner.

Sixty-three years ago, in his story titled, “Destruction of the Earth,” Mr. Feldstein knew that “might” does not always equal “right” and you can’t always “fight fire with fire,” but apparently, just as it was back then, our politicians are not reading nearly enough comic books. Let’s hope someday we all learn to live in peace together, then when the space-robots finally arrive, we can instead show them how coolwe are.

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