Now that the recall effort against Oro Valley Council Member Mike Zinkin has failed, I would like to point out some compelling statistics, which bolster the argument that Mike Zinkin was never deserving of this relentless persecution.

During the 2010 council election, Mary Snider received more than 6,000 votes, Joe Hornat and Satish Hiremath each received more than 7,000 votes and Lou Waters received more than 8,000 votes.  Yet, despite the constant vocal support of these four in recalling councilman Zinkin, they were barely able to collect 2,000 signatures for the recall campaign.

Where were the other 4,000 people who voted for Mary Snider?  Why didn’t they support her in this endeavor?   Where were the additional 5,000 people who voted for Mayor Hiremath and Joe Hornat?  Where were the other 6,000 people who voted for Lou Waters?  Why couldn’t the mayor and these three council members persuade their supporters to sign?

Ironically, it is perhaps Don Cox, one of the leaders of the failed Zinkin recall, who can best answer this question.  Here is what Don had to say about the failed Hornat/Snider recall in 2011, “It is an affirmation of the voters that those targeted were not deserving of this kind of treatment.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Diane Peters,

Oro Valley

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