Hardin Brothers Automotive

Hardin Brothers Automotive has provided automotive and repair services to customers in Catalina for almost 13 years. It offers services on all types of cars and light trucks.

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Providing quality automotive service and repair for almost 13 years in Catalina, Hardin Brothers Automotive continues to give its customers a reason to keep coming back.

“This is more of a small-town kind of place rather than a corporate shop,” said David Hardin, owner of Hardin Brothers Automotive. “We know most of our customers because they’re repeat customers and it’s more personable so it makes us stand out.”

Hardin had worked at a car shop, dealership and a couple of engineering construction companies before deciding to start his own business.  Hardin originally wanted to open his store in Oracle, but realized there was more visibility and traffic in Catalina. He took the opportunity to purchase the lot, located at 16255 N. Oracle Road, opening it in June of 2000. 

“The surprising thing was that my business plan said I was going to slowly and gradually increase in volume, but it didn’t work that way,” Hardin said.  “Our business immediately increased. There was nobody else out here at the time. We were it.  There was a lot more demand than I realized, so we took off pretty quickly.”

A plus to the Hardin Brothers Automotive business is that its employees work on all car models and light trucks.  Hardin says they’ve even worked on a SaaB, a rare Swedish car, as well as much earlier models of cars such as a 1929 Cord.

Hardin Brothers Automotive provides services for the repair of brakes, clutches, emissions, engine performance, tune-ups and more.  Costs vary according to what needs to be repaired, but Hardin said their prices match pretty evenly with competing automotive shops in the area.

“We’re not trying to sell people stuff here,” Hardin said. “We’re mainly trying to do the things we need to do to fix their cars.  Which means we always make it a point to never do work that is not required.”

Hardin’s store is the only one in town and he has no plans of expanding his business outside of Catalina.  The business has kept consistent for the majority of the time over the past 13 years and Hardin says that is due to their trustworthiness and quality of service to their customers.

“Our customers trust us and know that we are going to tell them the truth,” Hardin said. “We’ve gotten a lot of referrals because of that. So if somebody new moves into SaddleBrooke and they’ll ask three or four different neighbors where they take their car and they all say come to Hardin Brothers.  It’s awesome because then we have instant credibility with that person.”

Hardin Brothers Automotive is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Hardin Brothers Automotive


16255 N. Oracle Road

Tucson, AZ 85739


(520) 818-3200





7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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