Jo Grant
Randy Metcalf/Tucson Local Media

Her desire for the positive future for Arizona a driving force, Governor Brewer announced the endorsement of Jo Grant in the House of Representatives race for District 11.

In making her endorsement, Governor Brewer cited Jo's experience as a key factor that makes her the one to choose in this race, "Jo Grant is an exceptional leader who has the experience needed to represent Legislative District 11. Having spent 26 years as Legislative Coordinator for the Southern Arizona Legislative Office, Jo will be able to start serving her district immediately, without on the job training. Jo understands the problems facing LD 11 and the State of Arizona as a whole, which is why I proudly support Jo Grant for Legislative District 11."

Jo had this to say, "Governor Brewer entered office with trouble facing her and our state, but she turned things around and stood firm to her principles and desires for this state. She successfully managed this state through some of our toughest economic times, always putting Arizona first. From immigration to education, she has been a leader on every issue. This is quite an honor."

Jo Grant represents an opportunity for LD11 to have someone in office that knows the legislative process and holds public office, as a member of the Amphitheater School District Governing Board.

In addition to the Governor, Jo Grant has been endorsed by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce, AZ Tech Council, AZ Medical Association, AZ Nurses Association, Professional Firefighters of Arizona, Stand For Children, AZ Academy of Family Physicians, AZ Hospital and Healthcare Association and more.

About Jo Grant: After serving as a staffer for the Arizona State Legislature for 30 years, Jo Grant retired in 2013. She held the role of Legislative Coordinator for the Southern Arizona Legislative Office for 26 of those years. Jo was married for 31 years to Jeff Grant, who passed away in January 2013. Currently, Jo serves on the Amphitheater Unified School District Governing Board. She has four children and three grandchildren. Learn more about Jo at

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