Governor Jan Brewer today announced the launch of an online tool that will help Arizona parents, students, teachers and school leaders see how newly-proposed performance funding will benefit their local schools. The online tool can be viewed at:

With the launch of the online K-12 Performance Funding Calculator, anyone can determine exactly how the Governor’s performance funding system will financially impact individual school districts and charter schools. Users who visit the webpage will be prompted to enter the “A-F” score for their district or charter school, followed by a projected 2013 score. The calculator will then determine, based on the district’s level of improvement and achievement, the amount of supplemental, per pupil funding it could expect to receive for the next school year.

“Performance funding is a huge step toward funding the academic achievement we want to see in our schools. With this Performance Funding Calculator, Arizona parents, teachers and students can see how performance funding will help their individual school,” said Governor Brewer. “Transparency is critical to any education reform of this magnitude, so I’m excited this new calculator will help put this important information at the fingertips of Arizonans.”

In her 2013 State of the State address and “Four Cornerstones of Reform” policy agenda, Governor Brewer stressed the importance of high school students graduating with the skills necessary to succeed in college and career. Many recently-implemented reforms – including the measurement of our schools based on an “A-F” letter grade system – already have paid dividends in terms of increasing accountability and transparency in our education system.

With performance funding, Governor Brewer is pioneering a crucial effort to reward districts and charter schools for improvement and high performance. Investing additional resources in the schools that deliver the results we want will incentivize innovation and achievement – better preparing our students for success.

To view the “A-F” grade and score for your school district or charter school – and to determine precisely how performance-based funding will impact your child’s school – visit

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