Sen. John McCain

U.S. Sen. John McCain spoke to an audience of about 150 people during the Tucson Town Hall Meeting at the Herbert K. Abrams Public Health Center.

Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. visited Tucson today for a town hall meeting at the Herbert K. Abrams Public Health Center.

Similar to a May meeting at Basis Oro Valley charter school, McCain spoke about the much-debated comprehensive immigration reform bill before fielding questions from the audience.

Among the audience were family members of victims from the Jan. 8 Safeway shooting, including Roxanne and John Green, parents of Christina-Taylor Green, and Emily Nottingham, mother of Gabe Zimmerman.

They took a moment to thank McCain for his recent vote to support background checks for gun purchases, a bill that would ultimately fail before Senate in a 54-46 vote in May.

Alternatively, McCain saw the immigration reform bill – for which he has advocated as a member of the bipartisan Gang of Eight group – pass the Senate in a recent 68-32 vote.

All Democrats and 14 Republicans voted in favor of the bill, one that McCain referred to as the “broadest coalition of support he has ever seen.”

The bill, which would allow an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States a path to citizenship following certain prerequisites, will now go before the House of Representatives, should Republicans agree to bring it to a vote.

McCain closed out the meeting by fielding questions on a variety of topics, such as health care reform, medical marijuana, racism in politics, and gun reform.

A more detailed article will be published in the Aug. 21 print edition.

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