Kids get good tickets

Sheriff's deputies will award students a "ticket" for safe behavior. The tickets are good for a free Kids Meal at Texas Roadhouse.

Courtesy Pima County Sheriff's Department

Chief Deputy Chris Nanos would like to remind everyone schools will soon be back in session which means there will be an increase in traffic on our roadways. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department is working diligently to keep children safe on their journey to and from school. The Sheriff’s Department will be conducting increased enforcement in and around school zones throughout the school year. Deputies from the Traffic Section will be targeting motorists who fail to stop for school buses, speed in school zones, and fail to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. The increased traffic enforcement is funded by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS).

Many children walk or ride bicycles to and from school. We would like to remind parents that children under the age of eighteen (18) are required by law to wear a helmet anytime they ride a bicycle. Parents should consider dressing their children in bright clothing to increase their visibility to motorists. Educate children about the hazards associated with being near heavily traveled roads. Speak with your children about traffic safety; and teach them when and where it is safest to cross roads.

Additionally, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department has partnered with Texas Roadhouse to encourage the safety of children while walking to school, waiting for school buses, and participating in activities in school zones. Whenever a deputy sees a safe behavior, the child will be “ticketed” with an Achievement Certificate from Texas Roadhouse restaurant for a FREE Kids Meal. The Sheriff’s Department would like to thank Texas Roadhouse for encouraging kids to stay safe on their way to and from school.

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