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  • OV babysitter arrested for child abuse of 10-month-old

    The Oro Valley Police Department has made an arrest in a child abuse case involving a babysitter and a 10-month-old baby.
  • Spare Minimum: More manufacturers eschew extra tires

    More automakers are retiring the spare and instead stowing a tire inflation kit in the trunk.The problem is, tire sealants only work in very specific instances — for example, when a tire has a puncture occurring on the center tire tread and the foreign object remains in the tire. Otherwise, the kits won’t work, and the vehicle will need a tow. “Flat tires are not a disappearing problem, but spare tires are,” said John Walter, director of auto repair and fleet operations for AAA Arizona. “AAA Arizona already has responded to almost 59,000 tire-related calls so far this year, compared to almost 66,000 tire calls for all of 2014. As a safety advocate, AAA doesn’t believe tire inflator kits are a suitable replacement for a spare tire.“Sealant kits do work but the cost for using them is high, and it’s extremely messy. Many shops charge a cleanup fee, because the sealant makes a huge mess.”Plus, when drivers use a sealant, they must treat the tire as a spare — meaning they can’t drive faster than 50 mph and must get it to a shop and have it fixed before they drive 100 miles.“Inflation kits are a temporary fix at best,” Walter said. “These kits are only good for small punctures in a tire’s tread, and users should be very cautious of driving on a sealant-repaired tire. If the auto manufacturers just put a spare in, consumers wouldn’t have to worry about any of this nonsense.”

  • ‘Spirit of Christmas’ returning to Tucson for seventh year

    The holiday season brings about an upturn in great shopping and money-spending opportunities, a chance to enjoy the warmth and love of family and to give back to those less fortunate. The colder months on the calendar also bring about an opportunity for Tucsonans to more easily enjoy outside and group activities without the fear of the sun’s foreboding heat.Various different holiday celebrations are planned every year; from musicals to festivals, arts and crafts fairs and everything in between, each supplying some bit of camaraderie and holiday spirit. Tucson Dance Academy, a locally owned and operated dance studio, is preparing an extremely special holiday celebration. The seventh annual “Spirit of Christmas” will have three showings in December at two venues across the city. The show will be held at UA Centennial Hall on Sunday, Dec. 6, at 4 p.m. and then at the SaddleBrooke Desert View Performing Arts Center for two shows on Sunday, Dec. 12, at 4 and 7:30 p.m.Tom and Tammy Booth, who own and operate the dance academy with the help of their professionally trained dance instructors, are extremely excited to bring the show back for another year.When asked what to expect from the “Spirit of Christmas” show, both of the Booths found it initially difficult to pin down exactly what the event is.“It’s unique,” Tammy said. “It’s not a ‘Nutcracker’— we have a thousand shows of those. It’s something completely different, and you don’t realize it until you go and you see it.”

  • Council hears ideas for business retention

    The Marana Town Council heard some ideas about business retention as well as approving a new cellular tower and making some changes to the town building code during a regular meeting last week. The council heard from the Marana Citizens’ Forum regarding the topic “Business Retention in Marana.” and the council and town staff seemed very interested in some of the suggestions. “There are actually some excellent recommendations that were identified as part of the forum process,” said Marana Town Manager Gilbert Davidson. “Some our low hanging fruit that we can easily begin to implement as part of our processes. We’ve had a number of departments already talk about how we can better outreach and welcome businesses as they come into the community.”Angela Wagner-Gabbard represented the forum and presented recommendations on their topic of creating an action plan to implement a new, town-owned and administered business retention program.The recommendations were the result of asking itself what the town can do to be more proactive in serving as a resource to new and existing businesses and how to identify more trackable information from the business license process.

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  • Tiger Needs a Home

    Meet Tiger! This sweet boy loves snuggles and chin scratches and it currently looking for his purrr-fect forever home!Tiger would really thrive in a home where he has plenty of space to lounge around and have a little bit of alone time. But he also needs lots of love!If you can open your heart and home to this big kitty please stop by the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd, to meet him!

  • OV commander named Legionnaire of the Year

    What does it mean to be a member of the American Legion? Ed Davis, an Oro Valley resident, has a pretty good idea.Davis recently won the Legionnaire of the Year award for the state of Arizona. A highly prestigious award, Davis was honored in front of dozens of members of the Arizona American Legion, as well as national officers during the 2015 Fall Department Conference. Chartered by Congress nearly 100 years ago, the American Legion is the largest organization in the nation with the mission to serve wartime veterans and their families. The legion does so via a variety of services, philanthropic efforts and various other means.With over 2,000 members, the legion is a long-standing and honorable organization. In addition to the different structures within the legion, the American Legion Auxiliary is the world’s largest women’s patriotic service organization.With such an admirable mission, to stand out among the members of the American Legion is no small task, and Davis has, for years, shown himself to be more than capable.

  • Golder Ranch Fire hires Cesarek as new Battalion Chief

    Golder Ranch Fire Department recently held an open process for a Battalion Chief position which included tests and interviews of several candidates.The competitive process challenged many seasoned fire professionals from around the country, but in the end, local Fire Captain Grant Cesarek was chosen.Cesarek has been a firefighter for 17 years and a Certified Emergency Paramedic for 15 years. He also graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety Emergency Management.“Grant is a strategic thinker, team player and eager to continue to grow in his career as a fire officer here with us at Golder Ranch,” said Golder Ranch Fire District Chief Randy Karrer.Most recently, Cesarek served the community as a fire captain with Rural/Metro Fire Department in Pima County.Cesarek will take on the new job on November 30.


  • Xenoblade Chronicles X Review

    It’s hard to believe that Nintendo’s Wii U has been out for over three years already. In that time, a ton of great titles have come out for it, but nothing that has been released so far can compare to the massive world and feeling of adventure you get while playing Xenoblade Chronicles X.Xenoblade’s story begins with the complete annihilation of Earth by several different unknown alien races. Governments on Earth send up colonization ships in hopes to keep at least some of the human race alive. Most of these ships are destroyed as soon as they leave the Earth’s atmosphere, but some of them survive including, the ship that the United States sent up, the White Whale.For several years, the White Whale wondered space looking for humanity’s new home, but some of the aliens that had attacked Earth caught up to them and damaged the ship enough to make it crash land on the nearby planet Mira. Two months after landing on the planet, a woman named Elma finds you in an escape pod a few miles from the human’s new city, New LA. The player is introduced to many new characters upon arriving at the city and is invited to join the city’s military/exploration organization known as blade.Story is something that a lot of games this generation have had a problem with. They lack a cohesive plot that the player cares about and instead decided to only focus on online elements. Xenoblade Chronicles X on the other hand has a fantastic and interesting story that has many twists and turns that keeps the player engaged in what is going on. This makes combat and exploration meaningful instead of just another way to gain levels.Side quests are another thing that that Xenoblade does right. These optional quests add to the world of the game and introduce the players to many different alien races that they wouldn’t have met otherwise. Not only are these new species interesting to discover and talk to, but they also add new weapon markets that the player can invest in. Whenever I saw a question mark on my map, I made sure to run over and grab the quest to see what new character I would get to know or adventure I might get to experience.  A theme of Xenoblade Chronicles X is choice.  Once the introductory missions are complete you have a choice between joining one of eight different divisions in Blade, then there is the choice of what class you want to play as, later the player is given choices in dialogue, and later you get to choose what Skell you want. Whenever you begin the game, the player gets to choose at the home screen if you want to play alone, with random people online, or with friends. The nice thing about these choices is that you could go back later and change what class or division you are in.

  • Swedish court upholds access to The Pirate Bay and other illegal sharing websites

    The District Court of Stockholm recently decided that Swedish internet service provider Bredbandsbolaget does not have to be forced to block notorious file-sharing website, The Pirate Bay. The decision marks a landmark victory for the long embattled website, which has faced staunch opposition since its inception in 2003.The case was brought before the Swedish court by Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, Nordisk Film and the Swedish Film Industry. The lawsuit would have forced Bredbandsbolaget to prevent its users from accessing the website.The lawsuit alleged that Bredbandsbolaget be held responsible for the copyright infringements of its customers for allowing them access to the website.Bredbandsbolaget refused to comply. The company stated that its only role was to provide customers with internet access, and ensure the free-flow of information. The district court agreed with Bredbandsbolaget and stated that the actions of Bredbandsbolaget do not constitute participation in crimes under Swedish law.According to a statement by Presiding Chief Magistrate Anders Dereborg, “A unanimous District Court considers, therefore, that it is not in a position to authorize such a ban as the rights holders want and therefore rejects their request.”Though Sweden currently stands with its service providers, many countries throughout Europe have already prevented access to The Pirate Bay and similar websites and services.

  • Saturday Puzzles 11-28-15


  • Champs!

    Pusch Ridge won the Division IV sate football championship the same way they won their previous two playoff games…in dramatic fashion. The Lions beat Northwest Christian 14-7 to claim the school’s first football state title.Tamerat McLeod, who won the semi-final game with his leg, scored from three-yards out in the final two minutes of the game to put the Lions up. Four plays later Northwest Christian came up short of a first down and the celebration began."God has blessed us this year,” said Pusch Ridge Head Coach Troy Cropp. “I don't know why. Northwest is a great team with great coaches. We're both Christian schools but for whatever reason God's blessed us. It could have gone either way.”Northwest Chrisitan committed six turnovers on the night, including the two that directly led to Lion scores.After an interception at their own 1-yard line the Lions marched 99-yards, capping the drive with an 18-yard touchdown from Cody Cropp to Ben Walker. It was the Lions’ lone completion of the night.For a more detailed game story, see the Nov. 2 edition of the Explorer News

  • Another dramatic win sends Pusch Ridge to state finals

    A week after a dramatic, last-second win, Pusch Ridge advanced to the Division IV State Football championship game with a 17-14 overtime win over Lake Havasu. It also marked the second straight game a Lion player overcame turnovers to be the hero in the end. A week ago, it was quarterback Cody Cropp shaking off a trio of interceptions to guide the Lions on the game winning drive. Against Lake Havasu, it was Tamerat McLeod shaking off early game fumbles to boot a 27-yard field goal to give the Lions the overtime win. It was McLeod’s first field goal of the season and only his second attempt on the year. He had also converted a pair of extra points earlier in the game. As a freshman, McLeod was the Lions’ primary kicker, making all three of his field goal attempts and 33 of 43 extra points.  James Raica put the Lions in position to win the game with an interception to end Lake Havasu’s overtime possession. With the ball at the 10-yard line, the Pusch Ridge head coach, who had made the switch to McLeod at kicker earlier in the week, trusted the sophomore’s right leg for their ticket to the state title game. Thanks to early turnovers, the Lions fell behind 14-0. Two Pusch Ridge turnovers led to the Havasu scores. The Knights scored their second touchdown moments into the second quarter then failed to score again, though they did miss three field goals. Cropp completed just four passes on the day, but one was a 30 yarder to Ben Walker that set up Raica’s three-yard run. 

  • Last-second heroics lead Lions to state semis

    Ben Walker made two huge plays, while quarterback Cody Cropp saved his best for last and Pusch Ridge advanced to the state semifinals for the first time in school history with a 13-10 win over River Valley in the second round of the Division IV state playoffs. Cropp roamed the sidelines after River Valley tied things up at 7-7 saying, “We wanted a good game, we wanted to play in a good game.” While after the game he admitted a hint of sarcasm to the comments, he got his wish. The battle between his Lions and the Dust Devils went down to the last play. In fact, River Valley wound up getting two untimed downs after regulation ended. River Valley missed a 45-yard field goal, giving the Lions the ball at the 20-yard line with just 1:50 to play and trailing 10-7. The game would be decided on the arm of senior quarterback Cody Cropp. Cropp, who had thrown three interceptions, put the negative plays behind him and went to work. Two of his first three passes were dropped, but on fourth and four he found Walker for a nine-yard completion. Matthew McLeod then hauled in a 22-yard reception to get the Lions into Dust Devil territory. Cropp found Isaiah Lovett on a nine-yard gain, but the Lions wasted almost 30 seconds getting the next play off. Three plays later, the Lions faced second and 10 from the 30, with just 26 seconds left. Cropp lofted a high pass to the corner of the end zone, the ball got tipped by a defender but Walker located the ball and leaped to grab it. He bobbled it a few times on his way down but secured the ball for the score.“It felt like I was bobbling the ball for at least 30 seconds,” said Walker. 


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